Blade Fatigue Tests

7 November, 2011

Wind turbine blade manufacturers consult Aerotrope on new blade designs up to MW- range as well as the design of test rigs for prototype blades. We also advise owner/ operators of wind farms about resolving issues of blade fatigue and -failure. We can help with the design of rigs for full-scale blade fatigue tests, either static or dynamic.

During a static test the blade is subjected to a prescribed maximum load without breaking. This tensile test is repeated in each direction to prove that the blade is suitable for exposure to extreme loads. Dynamic tests will bend the blade flap-wise (up and down like a bird wing), edge-wise (cutting sideways like a knife) or rotationally (doing both movements at the same time). For questions about blade development, fatigue tests or blade failure issues please contact Aerotrope by telephone or email.


image © Aerotrope

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