Vergnet GEV HP 1MW

Aerotrope produced the blade's CAD surface geometry definition for mould manufacture, starting from a functional aerodynamic description.

Our engineers also developed new root transition aerofoils in-house as part of the fairing process. We carried out preliminary feasibility studies and fully detailed structural engineering in preparation for manufacture and certification of the 30m GRP blade for the largest turbine in Vergnet's Farwind® range.

This 1MW wind turbine is designed for easy transport to remote locations of the world and for cost-effective maintenance in harsh climates and complex, remote terrain.

The design of its components therefore focuses on enhanced robustness and reliability and introduces a nacelle and blades that can be serviced at ground level. The wider, thicker rotor blades feature a high strength-versus-weight ratio and high elasticity, which results in an increased lifetime. The patented Birdlike® -system makes this turbine earthquake- and hurricane-proof, using guy wires to fly down the upwind part of the nacelle and blades easily and rapidly. GERMANISCHER LLOYD IEC 61400-1 certified.