Katru Implux 225 Omni-Directional Turbine

Innovative Omni-Directional Wind Turbine Concept.

Aerotrope provided the structural engineering for the wind turbine shroud and conducted an ’embodied energy’ study for the turbine's concentrator/ cowling, which considered alternative materials; we also supplied the CAD geometry definition and structural engineering of the turbine blades and assisted with locating and selecting manufacturers for the prototype.

The Implux 225 is designed to use wind from any direction by redirecting the flow of wind upwards through its central collection chamber towards a multi-bladed rotor. Wind streaming freely across the open top of the wedge-and-collar design increases the flow of air extracted through the rotor.

The concept aims to harvest turbulent urban/ industrial wind at low speeds while eliminating the need to face the wind direction. The energy produced is anticipated to be higher than that of a standard wind turbine with the same rotor diameter.

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