Sensewind Self-Erecting Nacelle

SenseWind has confirmed major funding from BEIS (UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) for a new concept for construction and maintenance of offshore wind turbines: a self-erecting nacelle and service system based on an up-tower track-and-carriage design.  

The video shows the successful demonstrator of their SENSE Up-Tower system earlier in 2021.

Aerotrope is  a collaborator of SenseWind, to help with design and construction of the SENSE PelaStar floating wind turbine demonstrator off the coast of Scotland. Over the next 2½ years SenseWind will develop a technology demonstrator for the three innovative concepts and Aerotrope engineers are among the experts providing consultancy for this innovative self-erecting turbine concept. The self-erecting nacelle and service system radically transforms how next-generation turbines are installed and serviced.

For a full press release on the subject, follow this link