Crossflow Wind Turbine: Off-Grid Energy Solution

Aerotrope provided aerodynamic design development for the Cross-Flow Energy pre-production prototype turbine, rotor and stator. Our engineers also calculated the whole turbine’s aerodynamic loadings based on IEC-61400 load cases, as well as providing the blades’ structural design and documentation for manufacture.

We optimised the rotor and unique housing design for increased blade lift and power-producing torque. The design also focused on retaining good performance in the presence of blade erosion or dirt contamination. The turbine generates energy at low speeds (with low noise) while tolerating high speeds and turbulences. Thus the design of the Crossflow turbine makes it suitable to operate reliably and safely in extreme environments, with simple on-site assembly and minimal operational intervention. This makes it suitable for remote, off-grid locations which require a reliable power source. It enters the global market as an energy solution that also integrates solar PV and battery storage.