Aerodynamics and structural engineering: optimal integration

Our aerodynamical design integrates structural design directly and efficiently, to achieve the lowest Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE). See here how our engineering design process works.

Our Experience:

We are experts in designing innovative small and medium wind turbine configurations, including vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT). We specialise in technology innovation for large-scale and off-shore wind turbines. Our engineers are experienced in designing whole VAWT turbines,  wind turbine blade joints, blade root transitions, rotor blade tips, winglets, sectional blades (extendable/ segmented rotor blades) & other related rotor technology.

For specific questions, contact us here.

A leading large-scale wind turbine manufacturers recently hired us for an extensive programme of research into a full scale demonstrator specimen at multi-megawatt scale. This involved concept selection, structural design (including detailed FEA), test specification and test results correlation. Satisfied, they have come back to us for more consultancy.

In the 10MW - 20MW range for offshore wind farms we recently carried out detailed rotor design studies. For this we evaluated upwind/ downwind and two- or three bladed configurations, design for high tip-speeds and related specialist issues (turbine blade erosion protection, high rotor blade flexibility).

Our Design for Wind Turbines:

·   Aerofoil selection, modification and blade design from scratch, for HAWT's and VAWT's
·   Main blade geometry design and aero-structural trade-offs
·   Rotor blade root transition optimisation, thick aerofoils
·   Rotor blade tip shaping
·   Fine fairing and detailing of wind turbine blade master-model CAD-surfaces

Our Tools:

·   2D-panel design methods, including inverse aerofoil design
·   Conventional Blade Element Momentum (BEM) rotor analysis
·   3D-panel methods and volume-based CFD for wind turbines

These are just examples of our capabilities. Please contact us directly about any aerodynamical wind turbine design issues that are not covered here.