Kite Designs and E-VTOL Configurations

Objective: Harvesting wind energy with kites
Project involvement: 2011 through to 2014, 2018-2019
Patents: sole inventor Chris Hornzee-Jones:  (a) 'A kite' , (b) 'Kite with rigid spar arrangement', co-inventor: (c)' Kite with controllable trailing edge',    

Aerotrope has provided independent consultancy to the kite energy sector for a number of years now.

KPS (Kite Power Systems) asked us to come on board as aerodynamics lead for their project in 2011. We have since supported KPS with aerodynamical- , e-VTOL and flight vehicles design as well as materials expertise.

KPS’ patented technology uses twin kites that are similar in shape to the blade tip of a traditional wind turbine, and which fly in a circular path perpendicular to the wind, driving a generator based locally on the ground. The lightweight structure technology provides continuous power production and looks to significantly lower the cost of production and deployment of wind energy compared to wind turbines. By operating from a floating platform, KPS has the potential to be deployed in deep water offshore and at high altitude.

Flight testing for its 40kW system took place in Scotland, at West Freugh and a 500kW demonstration model was assembled in Dumfries.

In 2020 KPS' intellectual property was bought by Kitemill in order to continue this technical development.