Low Carbon Vehicles

Real World Challenges: Aerotrope are project leaders for low carbon vehicles technology and innovation.

We design low carbon vehicles and hybrid transport systems that can use wind power, solar energy, hydrodynamics or muscle power. We are experienced in cable railway (funicular systems) design, aerial lift and tramways design concepts and other innovative forms of mass transport as well as single or double seated innovative vehicles.

Dedicated to finding answers to seemingly intractable problems and with a truly multi-disciplinary approach, we help to bring new technology from concept to market. Our focus is hereby on sustainable transport solutions that challenge the perceived advantages of purely fossil fuelled transport.

Bi-Plane Hang Glider

5 Oct 2012 | Experimental hang glider. Featured in the International Bognor Birdman competition for human powered flying machines.

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Carbon Monocoque Bike

5 Oct 2012 | High-performance carbon fibre monocoque mountain bike frame. Original design by Chris Hornzee-Jones before Lotus Sport bought the concept.

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World Solar Challenge

5 Oct 2012 | Solar car designed to compete in the World Solar Challenge. Completed the course of 1,877 miles across the Australian outback, from North to South.

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