Low Carbon & Unmanned Vehicles

Real World Challenges: Aerotrope are technology leaders for low carbon vehicles and offer design and analysis support for innovation in unmanned and uncrewed systems.

We design low carbon vehicles, UXV and hybrid electric transport systems. As well as conventional fuel sources and energy storage systems, they can also utilise renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or muscle power.
We carry out vehicle configuration studies, integrated performance modelling and optimisation. Our engineers are experienced in structural design for composites and metallics, from concept generation through to testing and certification. We perform load envelope calculations, FEA static & dynamic analyses, fatigue verification and failure investigations (root cause analyses) including composites fractography.

We offer aerodynamic and hydrodynamic engineering design employing CFD and panel methods as well as vehicle dynamics, control surface design, aero/hydro-elastics including flutter analysis, gust response, cavitation and ventilation. We are also experienced in providing strategic technical advice, supporting certification & patenting as well as technical due diligence.


Bi-Plane Hang Glider

| Experimental hang glider. Featured in the International Bognor Birdman competition for human powered flying machines.

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Carbon Monocoque Bike

| High-performance carbon fibre monocoque mountain bike frame. Original design by Chris Hornzee-Jones before Lotus Sport bought the concept.

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World Solar Challenge

| Solar car designed to compete in the World Solar Challenge. Completed the course of 1,877 miles across the Australian outback, from North to South.

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