Laura Vinci: Chuva de Ouro/ Rio de Janeiro

Artist: Laura Vinci
Client: Marcello Dantas/ Magnetoscópio
Object: site specific art installation
Project start: August 2014
Project delivery: October 2014

Laura Vinci's Chuva de Ouro is a site specific installation for the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. 

Gold leaf is periodically distributed into the space from a 'bateia', a reference to the traditional way of panning for gold.

Technical Design Details

The artist specified that sheets of gold are to float slowly through the space. Aerotrope investigated together with the artist a number of techniques of how this could be realised.

We built and tested scale models to create a steady convection air flow that could be achieved through fans or perhaps through a heat source.


Photo credits: Artist Laura Vinci; photographer: Joana França;  photocollage: Amanda Danfoe