Engineering for Artworks

Unique Art Work Engineering. In Collaboration With Artists And Architects Worldwide.

We combine our engineering perspective with a deep understanding of the artistic process.

Concept generation, form modelling and development, detail design consultancy, overseeing fabrication through to project delivery and installation of the sculptural artwork.  All work executed according to international design standards and local building codes.

To discuss engineering design for your unique artwork (any scale) please contact us.

Ark Nova

| World's first inflatable concert hall. Designed to tour around the area of North Eastern Japan that was badly hit by the tsunami in 2011.

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Leviathan, Paris

| Large-scale inflatable made of single skin, air-supported, PVC-coated glass fibre fabric. Installed for Monumenta 2011 at Grand Palais in Paris. Artist: Anish Kapoor

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Cloudgate, Chicago

| Landmark outdoor sculpture for Millenium Plaza, Chicago. Client: Performance Structures Inc. Artist: Anish Kapoor.

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Memory, N.Y. / Berlin

| Large-scale Corten steel sculpture for The Solomon Guggenheim Foundation, New York and the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin. Artist: Anish Kapoor.

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