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Fractography of Wind Turbine Blades

17 May 2016 | Aerotrope provides expert consultancy to companies who need to investigate events around blade failure.For a thorough analysis we can provide fractography at an…

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Our team: Victoria Bloodworth

20 Sep 2010 | Victoria Bloodworth became a design engineer for Aerotrope in April 2009. She holds a PhD in Failure of Post-buckled Carbon Fibre Composite Stiffened Panels from Imperial College London, specialising in Aerostructures and Composite Materials. A committee member of the British Composites Society, she is also a keen martial arts practitioner.

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Setting Wind Industry Standards

6 Oct 2009 | Industry giant Vergnet has listed Aerotrope among the field's most important design-, modelling- and engineering consultants: synonymous with setting standards for…

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