Innovation in Wind Turbine Design

10 July, 2018

Peter Jamieson, world renowned Wind Technology expert and senior advisor at the University of Strathclyde, has published the second edition of his book "Innovation in Wind Turbine Design".

Aerotrope are mentioned chiefly for our work in asymmetric kite power design for Kite Power Solutions.

For KPS we carried out aerodynamic optimisation of the kite's efficiency and stability in turning flight, using panel methods and CFD with helical wake modelling in order to capture the specific behaviour of KPS's kite.

Our work in multi rotor systems is also mentioned with our design of the support structure and yaw system for a 16-rotor array by OWES. We found that such an array can still be mounted on a tubular tower and yaw bearing as is standard for an equivalent 5MW single rotor design, based on reductions in the mass of the array's rotors and drive trains. Aerotrope's findings for the yaw bearing concept and capability for multi rotor systems were later confirmed in another study carried out by HAW Hamburg.

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