RANS-based CFD on our new cluster

5 April, 2017

CFD of a power boat from Aerotrope on Vimeo.

Aerotrope clients now benefit from our faster and more far-ranging design development capabilities:

We recently commissioned an in-house CFD parallel-processing computer cluster, for analysis of large and complex aero- and hydrodynamic problems.

In this example animation we slice through the aerodynamic flow field of a power boat, analysed as a RANS solution (Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes).

Our new cluster achieves more accurate detail assessment and optimization- essential for producing results as close to the real world as possible. This will improve the performance and ultimately reduce the cost of renewable energy as well as low carbon vehicle projects.

We use customised OpenFoam software that complements our existing analytic tools (incl. panel methods and BEM rotor/propeller codes).

The system currently comprises of 48 cores that can handle CFD models of up to 50 million cells. Though this already provides powerful and fast processing we will expand the system to 72 cores soon.



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