Vestas Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine Trial

9 August, 2016

A multi-rotor wind turbine trialled by Vestas recently produced its first kilowatt hour. This experimental four-rotor design is being tested with the ultimate aim of creating multi rotor systems for large unit capacities offshore.

In support of research into multi rotors Aerotrope worked together with GL Garrad Hassan and Peter Jamieson (author of “Innovations in Wind Turbine Design”) on engineering of the OWES 5-MW. We engineered the support structure and yaw system for this experimental 16-rotor array. The idea was to come up with an efficient support system that would counteract cost penalties.

Aerotrope's work on the OWES 5-MW is referenced here in this article by
Vestas posted a photo of their multi rotor running on their facebook page here

Photo © Marcia Heronemus-Pate (OWES), with permission.


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