Kite Power Solutions for High Altitude Wind: KPS

6 May, 2015



Aerotrope has provided independent consultancy to the kite energy sector for a number of years now. Our client KPS (Kite Power Solutions) asked us to come on board as aerodynamics lead for their project  and to support KPS with our aerodynamic and materials expertise.

Kite Power Solutions’ patented technology uses twin kites that are similar in shape to the blade tip of a traditional wind turbine, and which fly in a circular path perpendicular to the wind, driving a generator based locally on the ground. The technology provides continuous power production and looks to halve the cost of production and deployment of wind energy compared to wind turbines. By operating from a floating platform, KPS has the potential to be deployed in deep water offshore.

Kite Power Solutions is funded by a global energy firm and the UK Dept for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).  Please check back for more news on this exciting project. 


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Comments (3)

  1. 26 May , 2015 at 16:24 | Tony Tucker says:

    Used to fly Kites quite a lot. 700-800 meters. (Don't tell anyone). Wanted to make a Kite which had a propeller on it which ran a dynamo. Producing enough power to keep a Radio Controled unit alive . This was for acrobatics. On another level I wanted to try using the kite for Amateur radio transmission.
    A kite below 300 ft just wasn't in the meat. Ran out of time . Interested to see some people are thinking Kites . Please keep me informed . Would like to see some Video if there is any .

  2. 02 Jun , 2015 at 11:38 | Heike Feldpausch says:

    Hello Tony, if you would like to be kept informed, please email me via heike [at]

  3. 24 Jun , 2015 at 19:18 | Tony Tucker says:

    I am interested about the Kite thing. (Mentioned before). What I have always found to be the difficult part is deploying the kite. How do you aim to deploy the kites from the sea?