Kite Design Lecture in Hamburg

23 July, 2014

Aerotrope's director Chris Hornzee-Jones is giving a workshop in kite design as well as a lecture on SAILROCKET to students of the HafenCity University Hamburg this week, 24th-25th July. 

The university approached Aerotrope as we have a very diverse portfolio that shows our inter-disciplinary approach to engineering design.  HCU offers trans-disciplinary studies of the Built Environment And Metropolitan Development— the only university of its kind in Europe. They say: "Our education and research at the HCU Hamburg are aimed at contemplating and concretising what the future of metropolitan areas could and should look like. Coping with this future will, however, require a systematic interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach."

Chris will share his knowledge of design for kite power and give a comprehensive overview of the research and design that made Sailrocket the fastest sailboat on the planet. If you would like Chris to give this lecture elsewhere or if you would like to meet up in Hamburg, please get in touch.


Image © NordNordWest/Wikipedia , License agreement here


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