Sailrocket 3: Over the Horizon

9 July, 2014

The team that blew the outright speed sailing record out of the water with Sailrocket 2 say that plans for a new boat are on the horizon.

Sailrocket pilot Paul Larsen says in his blog: "Speed sailing offered us a brilliant unrestricted canvas. Whilst the boats we created were pretty impractical one trick ponies, [...] we learnt a lot more than just how to go fast. We know the core concepts that yielded such a huge jump in outright speed are also very efficient, stable and scalable. We know how they can be applied to ocean crossing yachts for similar gains."

The Sailrocket team are going public with their plans in order to find partners and sponsors who are willing to share in the exciting journey ahead. The sun is far from setting on the ambitions of this team.


Image © Sailrocket/ Helena Darvelid

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