That's Nuts!

9 January, 2013

We received an amazing gift in the post today. A couple of nuts on leather loops tumbled out of a jiffy bag, sent by Helena Darvelid. The note "From Paul" did not explain much, but what we saw was awesome: Makalani nuts, hand-carved to commemorate Sailrocket's world record of 65.45 knots. One nut bears the initials 'CHJ' for Chris Hornzee-Jones, the other says 'WANG' for our Wang Feng.

Makalani nuts are traditionally carved in this way in Namibia. Paul prepared these personalised gifts for his crew ahead of achieving the record. What a lovely and thoughtful gesture. We are totally chuffed!

Paul is part of the Shackelton Epic crew right now, which is sailing on a trans-Antarctic expedition in an exact replica of Shackleton's 22.5-foot (6.9m) wooden lifeboat, the James Caird.


image © Aerotrope

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