"Memory" Defies Gravity

28 November, 2008

Aerotrope's latest engineering project for renowned artist Anish Kapoor opened on the 28th of November 2008, at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin to over 1000 viewers.

The new installation, "Memory", posed a unique engineering challenge for Aerotrope's creative team. The final piece was required to fit precisely into both the Berlin and New York Guggenheim gallery spaces and yet it was crucial that it be compact enough to travel into the venue via an elevator.

To achieve this difficult task, Aerotrope engineered the sculpture so that it could be made from 24 tons of Corten steel and then divided into 154 tiles. This allowed the enormous sculpture to fit perfectly into both spaces and appear completely weightless.


 Video by Vernissage TV

Tags: Anish Kapoor, Guggenheim, Corten

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