Sailrocket Sails To A Record 68 Knots!

24 November, 2012

On what was predicted to be a ‘Super Saturday’, the Sailrocket team managed to break the Outright World Speed Sailing Record for the third time in less than two weeks! In doing so, we surpassed the previously fastest sailboat Hydroptère by 12.5 knots (14.3 mph/ 23 kmh).  In wind speeds of 27 to 32 knots Sailrocket clocked in at 68.01 (78.2 mph/125.9 kmh) peak, 65.45 knots (75.3 mph/ 121.2 kmh) average.

As designers of the hydrofoil and the wingsail we are not surprised by the numbers. We predicted them and we are very pleased that the maths done over the last 2 to 3 years stack up. However this is more than pleasing, to us it’s poetry! David from Tensys congratulated us, saying: “Who said engineering was boring?” We certainly never said it.

Aerotrope are happy that the crucial design change on the hydrofoil has finally unleashed the performance that we predicted for Sailrocket 2. We already have ideas lined up for a new, even better hydrofoil since the current one is reaching its predicted limit. But who knows…the speed spot down in Walvis Bay has been magical these last two weeks. We want to return and prove that the knowledge we have can take Sailrocket to beyond 70 knots. The future of speed sailing has changed by the biggest margin ever.


image copyright: Sailrocket

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  1. 12 Dec , 2012 at 17:58 | Charles Shipway says:

    This Olympian congratulates your historic and monumental achievements. The wizard of Bristol would be pleased too. Incredible brilliance, design and speed perfectly balanced. No sham, all wow!

  2. 12 Dec , 2012 at 18:01 | Jons Trouw says: