Problem Solving For Sailrocket 2

6 November, 2012

Sailrocket 2 is on her latest campaign to break the outright speed sailing record in Walvis Bay, Namibia. The new design encountered some unexpected drag problems which meant that Sailrocket 2 hit a 'glass ceiling' that kept her just 0.4 knots behind Hydroptère's recordbreaking average. The design team (affectionately called 'The Brains Trust' by Paul Larsen) met at Aerotrope's office to brainstorm a solution. At 1:10 minutes into the video you can see the principal designer Chris Hornzee-Jones in action, directing the team in Namibia with the hydrofoil design change that soon led to the dramatic improvement in performance.



Tags: Sailrocket, hydrofoil ventilation, cavitation fencing

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