Glyndebourne Wind Turbine Launched By Sir David Attenborough

20 January, 2012

"Come on, Britain!" seems to be the sentiment expressed by Sir David Attenborough's face as the famous naturalist cuts a celebratory ribbon to launch the new Enercon wind turbine owned by Glyndebourne Opera House. Aerotrope team members were thrilled to attend this event and meet an all-round national icon.

Attenborough spoke in favour of wind turbines, and for those who still doubt the usefulness of turbines he put it like this: "What did people say about pylons that brought electricity across the country? Do we want electricity or don't we?" In its first full month of operation, the turbine produced almost double the amount of energy Glyndebourne used in the same period in 2010. Brilliant news!


image © Aerotrope

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