Sky Mirror Construction Close-Up

30 September, 2010

If you took a stroll through Kensington Gardens on the last September weekend you would have been able to marvel at the handiwork of a host of construction workers and polishers. The experienced team around Ethan Silva of Performance Structures ensured that Anish Kapoor's much-anticipated outdoor show "Turning the World Upside Down" was gleaming in stainless steel perfection, no matter how little the autumn sun would dare to show its face. Aerotrope engineers spent some time with Ethan and re-visited one of our projects from 2005, the colossal 10m Sky Mirror. Follow this link to our Flickr page for up-close views of the construction process. image copyright: Anish Kapoor/ photographs by Aerotrope aerotrope

Tags: Anish Kapoor, concave, Kensington Gardens, Serpentine Gallery, Sky Mirror, upside down

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