Anish Kapoor: Svayambh

1 July, 2008

'Svayambh' is a Sanskrit word, meaning something that is "created out of itself". Anish Kapoor enlisted Aerotrope as consulting engineers in creating this extraordinary piece, 'Svayambh', one of his series of artworks using pigmented wax. Anish Kapoor's vision for the project was to create an installation where the final form and texture of the wax would be shaped by the motion of a mechanically driven object. This movement was required to be barely perceptible both visually and audibly, whilst both sculpting and moving the enormous mass of wax through the gallery space. To achieve the desired outcome, Aerotrope's engineers experimented with the specific quality of the wax and calculated the exact forces required to cut and form the material. Aerotrope successfully designed and customised the hidden mechanics, so that the 8-ton sculpture glides silently and seemingly effortlessly through the exhibition space.


Image © Anish Kapoor

Tags: Anish Kapoor, Svayambh, wax sculpture

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