What People Say About Aerotrope's Work

About our Wind Energy Engineering

Aerotrope and its founder Chris Hornzee-Jones are simply brilliant in a way that exemplifies the finest engineering: a fusion of practicality, imagination and analysis.

STEVE GILKES, Senior Principal Specialist at DNV GL Read more Find out more

Your team is truly world class. You dedicated yourselves to finding the right solution.

ROBERT BRAY, director, founder & inventor Brayfoil Technologies, SA Read more Find out more

Aerotrope demonstrate successful innovative engineering: open minds, intuitive understanding, analytical capability & alert practicality.

PETER JAMIESON, Technology Expert and Author of Innovation in Wind Turbine Design Read more Find out more

Aerotrope are setting standards in an environment of constant and rapid technological evolution.

LAURENT VERGNET, Executive Manager in Development, R&D and Engineering Read more Find out more

About our Low Carbon Vehicles Design

It's an ambitious project and Aerotrope has helped us keep it on a solidly engineered foundation throughout. Having them on board gave me confidence for when the big day came.

PAUL LARSEN on achieving 65.35 knots, sailrocket.com Read more Find out more

Ongoing thanks to Chris and AEROTROPE [...].This thing will be wild.

PAUL on www.doylesails.com, 2/16/2006

We did some substantial damage to the wing [ but ] thanks to the brilliant design by AEROTROPE [...] it has survived and is fixable by us here in Walvis Bay.

LARSEN after the famous 'Sailrocket 1 crash' , quoted on Multihullreview.co.uk, Dec 2008

About our Artwork Engineering

I would especially like to thank Christopher Hornzee-Jones for his attention to every detail of the work, and to his team at Aerotrope Alberto Martinez and Wang Feng.

ANISH KAPOOR, Monumenta 2011 catalogue ('Leviathan' exhibition at Grand Palais, Paris)

Chris is a brilliant engineer who's worked a lot with shell structures.

ETHAN SILVA, President of Performance Structures Inc., in The Times London WE Review, July 17, 2004.

From an engineering standpoint it was just unbelievable. I've never been on a job where you could take pieces, in the form they arrive, put them together and not have to cut, file or do anything to them.

DANNY KOZYRA, ironworker & foreman for Cloudgate, in ‘Making it Shine’, Chicago Tribune, August 24, 2005