Sustainability Policy

Part of Aerotrope’s business goals is the wish to find solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable future.
We want to make a positive impact & transform our business into a truly ethical one over time.

We underwent an environmental performance review conducted by Ecosys.
This prompted us to make our business ethical in a more direct, measurable way:
We make sure our waste and recycling operators give us proof of up-to-date licenses.
We now bank with Triodos as well as the Co-operative Bank.
Good Energy is our sole energy supplier.
Naturesave provides 3 of our 4 insurances.
We offer tax-incentives through salary sacrifice schemes for nurseries and charitable giving.
We keep most of our correspondence paper free.
We return our printer cartridges directly to the manufacturer.
We turn off all equipment for the weekend.
We have stopped upgrading mobile handsets automatically every year.
We offer our team and visitors fair trade or eco-friendly consumables wherever possible.

All the team cycle or walk to work.
We do not offer company cars but instead we take part in the Cycle To Work Scheme.
We have cut the number of planes used. Instead we assess if travel is really necessary.
Trains are our first choice for longer journeys when possible.
We have monitored our carbon footprint as part of the 10:10 challenge.
We pledged to produce no more than 4,9 tons of  CO2 in the 12 months leading up to September 2010.

OBJECTIVES set in 2010/11
Find an ethical pension provider => Our stakeholder pension scheme is now run by the Co-operative Bank.
Set further targets for cutting our energy use in the office and of transport. =>We continue to monitor our energy use and travel choices and use internet conferencing whenever possible to substitute travelling.
Decide if we should offer a water cooler instead of bottled water. UPDATE: We drink filtered tap water, plain and simple.
Switch our phone and Internet provider to a credibly green and ethical one. UPDATE: We are now with Phone-Coop.
Invest in the best possible energy-saving devices for heating/ cooling our premises. UPDATE: We have thermal blinds.

Educational outreach: We have so far helped 2 students (A level/ Msc level) with their science projects about issues of blade design and wing sail configurations.
Switch waste contractors to increase recycling. UPDATE: We now use PaperRound who operate a ‘zero to landfill’ policy.